Welcome to your pursuit of excellence


I approach training as an adventure, a life long pursuit of excellence, a never ending journey to improve ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Like a Samurai, our goal is to go to bed a little sharper than when we got up that morning.

We know we will never achieve perfection, but the glory is in the pursuit of it.

Wether we are a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, we always have room for improvement.

That’s what makes training so much fun, we know we will never get bored or run out of things to work on.

We are all on our own adventure of self improvement and pursuit of excellence.

For one that might mean learning how to properly swing a kettlebell or get mobility to do a full squat, for another it is mastering a one arm pull up, or maybe learning how to breath properly to control the heart rate, or how to execute a powerful strike or submission, for another it might be to lose a few pounds and maintain a healthy weight, for another learning balance in the handstand is the next step.

Where we are on that road to excellence dose not matter, what matters is that we are on that adventure, that we are on our own personal pursuit of excellence!

My role in this journey is to help you find at what stage you are on your personal pursuit of excellence, and then help guide you along the road as a fellow student and mentor with a map and a battle plan to achieve the next step, stay on track and have as much fun along the way as possible.