Finding the Missing Link.

Our bodies are made to function together as a whole, one piece relying on the other, think of it as a Swiss watch, a Spartan phalanx(the warrior’s shield’s interlocking to protect his brother at his side, moving together as one), or as a chain .

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


So lets look at a body builder, who is incredibly strong, has huge biceps and chest muscles, but might only pick up heavy metal objects from one position using perfect form and using his legs and biceps.

But what about his stabilizer muscles, muscle endurance and central nerves system?

This applies, not only to a body builder, but to a runner or a cyclist or anyone not doing full body exercises.

The body builder might be very strong in a perfectly controlled environment in which his arms and legs can do there work. But how often are we in a perfect operating environment in our athletic life (Brazilian Jiujitsu, Ice Hockey, Baseball,etc.) or our day to day life?

This is what we hear so often “I’ve been lifting and getting in shape and then yesterday as I was getting out of my car at the grocery store BAM my back popped and now I can barely limp around”.

Why dos this happen?

Well because the body builder’s(and I’m just using body builder as an example)legs, arms and chest make a strong, heavy, titanium chain that’s strong enough to pull up a tree stump, but in that chain somewhere, is a link made out of aluminum foil, and in this case the weak link was the stability and mobility muscles of the back.

Our job’s (mine in particular) is to find that missing or weak link in our bodies.

So like a General in the Spartan Army, we closely inspect each warrior to make sure that their is no weakness in the phalanx, so that we can then operate with strong and balanced harmony, making ourselves almost invincible and bullet proof.

Next we will take a look at the best weapon or tool used to find our week or missing link.

The Kettlebell.