Age is just a number.

I recently responded to a great letter from a friend concerning age related fitness and the problems with conventional gyms and training methods, this brought up some good points so I thought I would share it with you all. Thanks for the letter.

“I’m glad you found me and found out about kettlebells, kettlebells are an amazing training weapon. I like to mix kettlebells with an assortment of other things to make a powerful combination to aid us in our fight to be in top shape and to make us hardened warriors and warrior princesses.

You say that you feel like your “racing against the clock” and that your 41(like that’s old). I’m telling you it doesn’t have to be like that and I don’t believe in age being a limiting factor, age is just a number until we make it into something more (positive or negative).

I train a couple that are in there 50s and most people think they are in there 30s this same guy told me he wishes he would have known about this kind of training along time ago.

Another warrior I train is also in his 50s and was quite a bit out of shape and borderline diabetic, he is now 130lbs lighter and is getting younger on the inside and out every day, to the amazement of his doctor who said he could count the number of people who had done what he did on one hand.

Bob, a friend of mine who is in his late 70s started training kettlebells with me and is stronger and in better shape than most 30 year old’s.

Helio Gracie was doing jiujitsu into his 90s.

Randy Couture was the MMA (the most challenging sport in the word) World champion in his 40s.

Steve Maxwell (a mentor of mine) is 57 and looks better than anybody I know and consistently outperforms everybody including athletes at his seminars.

If I went overboard on that its because I believe people limit themselves more than age limits them, not that your doing that, obviously because your trying to find an alternative, but Iv seen it over again and again, and nothing makes me more upset than when someone limits themselves, because if they wont give themselves a chance then how can I help them.

You are definitely right about the same old routines not seeming to work, there not working for anyone, just look around you or even look around at the gym, everywhere, people are geting in worse and worse shape despite the hundreds of dollars spent on fitness and supplements and hours and hours spent on a treadmill at the gym.
The reason for this (especially as we mature) is the type of workouts we do and our toxin and synthetic high diets with an over supply of sugars and processed carbohydrates.

Workouts need to be short, intense and work the body as a whole emphasizing strength, endurance, cardio and mobility but most importantly intensity, in order to shock the body and activate the fight or flight instincts.

The problem with long “slow burn”(treadmill, jogging,aerobics) workouts is that the body adapts easily and plateaus, making it almost impossible to make progress.

The other type workout, (weight and machine lifting) fails to get us in shape because isolating a few muscles every workout and working them with breaks in between sets dose not put our bodies in a heightened state, dose not work our bodies as a whole(creating a chain with weak links) , dos not work our heart and lungs to the max and again takes to long ,once we work out for more than 45 min our bodies begin to break down and we produce less growth hormone, instead our bodies put out a chemical that breaks down muscle like the muscles of long distance runners, (they look like anorexic skeletons).

We can get a great workout in 15 to 45 min if the intensity is right.

The other big problem is our diet, we eat too much processed high toxin, high sugar foods.

We mix starches and combine food poorly.

And we never give our bodies a chance to catch up clean up and purge out toxic build up because we are constantly eating, piling on more work for our bodies. (fat cells are often just the bodies way of storing toxins because it doesn’t have time to purge them).
So your right”the same old” things don’t work, but the good news is there are other things that do work, and they are allot more fun too!”
Stay Warrior Strong- Dominic