Tune into your body

Sometimes when I ask somebody how they feel and what they feel like doing for there workout, they look at me like I’m crazy, and I know they are thinking”isn’t that your job”, well the answer is yes and no, yes because I know what they need at that point and time to help them progress toward there goals, and no because nobody really knows what you need at that moment better than you.

I am the only one in my body, only I know if I am feeling tired or powerful, only I know if I’m completely focused and in the moment or distracted by worries, only I know myself completely.

Of course we have to learn how to listen to our body to know if we are actually fatigued or just feeling a little sluggish and lazy, to determine wether we should take it easy for the day or if we need to just warm up and get ourselves right mentally.

This listening to the body, is easy in theory but hard in execution, especially when we take injuries and all the different factors like heart rate, sleep quality, work load, stress and a bunch of other factors into the equation.

But I think the most important thing is to be aware of listing to our body’s and to start trying to be in tune with ourselves, just being aware is a big step in learning to be in tune.

I like to ask how someone feels and what they want to do for a few reasons,

1. to help them begin to learn how to tune into themselves.
2. to get them motivated and into the workout to get them to feel like they have a say in there training and not just there like a slave with a whip cracking over there head.
3. I believe that we get better results when we are doing exercises that get us fired up and excited than we do by just getting through a workout, more like the feeling of excelling at something compared to just grinding through it.
4. I believe that the highest form of being a good coach is teaching somebody how to do it on there own if they want or need to, teaching them how to have a lifestyle change. When the student becomes the teacher, then the teacher has completed his task, like the old proverb ,give a child a fish and feed him for a day, teach a child to fish and you feed him for life, I think the same way applies, if you teach somebody how to exercise, eat, sleep and live a healthy lifestyle, than they can be healthy for life.
5. I think a workout should have flexibility. I don’t think it’s good to be ridged with a workout. I believe the best way is to have a workout plan but don’t be too stuck on executing it exactly, don’t fret about the reps or sets or weight or even the exercises. I like to have a good workout planed but still be able to be flexible and roll with the punches and adjust as we go, to just be in the moment and don’t give ourselves too hard a time if we have to back it down a notch or step it up a bit.

Ultimately the best scenario is that I and the person I’m working with form a perfect team where I provide a plan, then take the information that you give me by tuning in and listening to what your body tells, and putting the two together to create an awesome empowering workout.

Stay in the moment.