Staying in the present, is the best motivation.

In our pursuit of excellence, I think that dedication, determination, patience, persistence and perseverance are all more important than big New Year’s resolutions and goal-setting.

Too often we get all excited about setting new goals and resolutions instead of staying present and doing the best that we can at this very moment.

When we stay in the moment we don’t get depressed about yesterday’s failures, when we stay in the moment and do the best that we can right now, we don’t get anxious about whether were going to be able to keep our resolve for tomorrow.

Goals and resolutions are great if they provide some motivation, but if we can’t maintain that motivation, then it’s useless.

Real changes and transformations don’t happen overnight, they happen little by little, day in and day out, two steps forward one step back, but always pushing forward.

One of the most powerful things that we can do, is to be grateful every day for the little improvements, because if we’re grateful for the little improvements, they will add up and reward us with big changes.

One danger that we should steer clear of, is comparing ourselves to others.

When we compare ourselves to others and their achievements or failures, it can hurt us by making us discouraged or overly proud of our accomplishments.

By taking an honest assessment and look at ourselves, we can see how far we have come, where we are now, and how far we still have to go.

If we focus on just ourselves and doing the best that we can right now, we will have an honest assessment of ourselves and be grateful for what we have.

When we make progress this way, it doesn’t feel like we’re doing much, but when we look back a year later we see how far we have truly come, just by staying present and in the moment, one little step at a time.

So, let’s try to make a change right now, not tomorrow not next weekend not next year but right now in just a little way.

Like the samurai, we should strive to go to bed just a little bit stronger, mentally, physically and spiritually then when we got up that morning..