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The Weak Link.

The Kettlebell is our best weapon for combat against the weak link because of its ability to force our body into positions were we can not rely on our strengths.

During a kettlebell workout our body is forced to work from many different angles and planes and the center of gravity is continually changing.

Another aspect is the increase and decrees of momentum, during a snatch for example we have to accelerate the chunk of steel using our hips, legs, core, back and whole body while controlling the arch with balance and stabilizer muscles then slow it back down and stop it at the top using core and whole body to control and stabilize then reverse the process and repeat, that’s one rep.

Keep in mind all this twisting, swinging, off-balance, changing of plane and pull of gravity, accelerating, decelerating, bending pulling, pushing, locking and unlocking joints, changing altitude, muscle flexing and relaxing is done with balls of steel with a handle and usually using one hand and side at a time making balance all the more challenging.

The advantage to this is it forces us to use our bodies as a whole instead of  relying on strong bulk muscles to perform a motion of very controlled very limited movement, like the bench press were your body can hide weaknesses by compensating for one side and relying on the bar to keep things together.

Kettlebells also force us to think about the movement, concentrate on the task at hand and stay in the moment.

This “being in the moment” helps us recognize and feel our weaknesses and deficiencies, and as we say, the first step to fixing something is to find it, recognize it, and then we can choke it out!

So let’s get to training so we can find the  link.