May 10 – 2010
September 2014

Dear Dominic,
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So in this case, 2 pictures are worth at least a couple of thousand words. But I will keep it short and to the point.
I started working out with you on May 10th 2010, approximately 4 years ago. At the age of 37, I weighed in at 192 pounds on the doctor’s scale and was already pre-diabetic with a biological age greater than my chronological age. My father had passed away at the age of 62 about 6 years before this picture was taken. He developed diabetes when he reached his early 40’s. The writing was nearly on the wall. If I didn’t do something before I reached my early 40’s, I would definitely have followed my Dad’s footsteps. Ironically, living (?) a high stress lifestyle made it nearly impossible to enjoy the shorter life I had left. On top of all this, my hormone levels dropped dramatically with the only solution the doctor could come up with was a shot of steroids every couple of weeks for the rest of my life. So the only solution to a terrible problem was to take more power away from me from a medical point of view. I made a decision to walk the path less trodden, the path of greater, not lesser resistance. I am lucky you started down that path before me and shared your experience, knowledge and talents.
I personally believe every conscious human being has a hidden genius within them. When this person is able to tap into that God-given talent, it brings out insights, compassion, and the generosity to help others. Your genius happens to be in the art of teaching physical culture and making people physically, mentally and spiritually stronger. This takes dedication, patience and attention on your part. Not to mention the fact that you push yourself harder than you have ever pushed any of us, your friends and clients.
Since my training was primarily in martial arts, I needed to follow a philosophy on personal development that was practical in nature and made me functionally stronger in mind, body and spirit. It was a local professional fighter that pointed me in your direction and I still remember the first day we trained. I nearly threw up from the routine.
Today at the age of 41 (going on 42 this December), I weigh in at 150 pounds. I am a different person today. I have gained at least 20 pounds of muscle, which means I have shifted nearly 70 pounds of my weight. My hormone levels would be the envy of most athletic 20 something year olds. I am stronger, faster, more efficient and more confident than ever in my life. I don’t feel any pride in saying these things. In fact, I only see how much further I can go, which is part of your philosophy on staying humble through genuine humility.
It’s also said that when you improve yourself, you make the world a better place. In my case, this is definitely true. Today, I am better able to bring forward my best by conquering the fear of living a shadow of a life within my own potential. The way that I dealt with that fear was through the courage gained over hundreds of hours of positive stress with your capable guidance.
The best I can do to thank you I suppose is to share my story which I hope in turn will motivate others to seek you out and train with you. I sincerely hope that whatever good comes from my experience also benefits and enriches your life as well.
Mo Khan