Rates and packages

Once a month consultation = 100,  2 hour session.

The once a month consultation, is for the highly motivated and advanced person who can keep themselves on track but wants to check in to, sharpen up technique and form, reevaluate goals, learn new exercises and workouts, sharpen everything up and take-home new material to work on for the month. This is about a two hour consultation to cover everything from diet, sleep, low intensity activity exercise, mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, breathing, meditation, restoration, weight loss, weight gain, mental training and workout periodization and plans. 

Twice a month consultations = 80 a session 1.5 hour (160 a month)

The twice a month consultation, is for the motivated and advanced student who can keep themselves on track but wants a little help to stay motivated and going in the right direction. We will talk about diet and nutrition, sleep and restoration, activity levels, introduce new exercises, perform a new workout, 

Once a week consultation = 60 a session (240 a month)

Once a week consultation,

Twice a week consultation = 50 a session (400 a month)
Three times a week consultation (most popular and recommended option) = 40 a session (480 a month)
Four or five times a week consultation = 35 a session (560-700 a month)